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The upside-down bridge of Amanohashidate is the result of a single error on the part of the architect. The story goes that Joseph Musashi was so rushed on his last day of development on the bridge that he numbered the page for the suspension girders on the wrong corner, leaving the page’s illustrations upside down once the blueprints were organized.

The real twist came when upon completion of the bridge, its unintentional structure was 2.5 times stronger than the original intended bridge. The bridge opened on schedule and carries heavy traffic daily, functioning perfectly despite its history.

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My sketches of two of today’s UHC moments.  Re-posted here by request.

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this is my favorite video of all time bar none

I cannot stop laughing. 

how have I gone this long without seeing this video

gotta bring this back lol


Who is this guy and why doesn’t he have his own show?

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Guy sneezes into a trombone during concert. It’s not even funny but I can’t stop laughing.

are you kidding this is hysterical

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LETS TALK GOTG what was your fav moment?
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this was the best scene in the entire movie

Only way to make that scene better would be if he had a slide whistle.

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I’m thinking of trying to get the gym I go to to make a ‘men’s only’ section, as women have their own section.

Except I’ve no idea how to even go about this. Any ideas?

Okay, here’s how you do it: you ask to speak to the manager. Then have the manager escort you to the sauna, turn it on high, and lock you inside. Then stay in there, sweating and starving, and don’t come out until you have given serious thought to your priorities in life.

Seriously. The people who think that women-only gyms (or sections in gyms) are somehow “unfair” to men have such a shocking lack of common sense and self awareness. Did you ever stop to think why women might need their own sections? They are safe spaces, to avoid the aggressive ogling and harassment from men. Women just want to be able to work out without feeling creeped out or fearing for their safety.

Now, consider why people like you want a men’s only section. The women need it for safety, you only want it in the same way a five-year-old suddenly whines for a toy he doesn’t actually want, just because his brother got one. Your only reason is “Well they got one, so we should get one, too!” That is childish and nonsensical. The day that women pose a significant threat to men at the gym is the day you can legitimately inquire about getting your own “men’s only” section. Until then, try shutting up and maybe a little bit of critical thinking.

I am a woman. Let that sink in for a moment. I. Am. A. Woman. Oh, and also a feminist. So take your url and shove up your ass.

I have the privilege of having my own goddamn section of the gym, and I would appreciate it if you didn’t think just because I want to give men some space where they won’t feel uncomfortable or objectified by women, that I have a dick between my legs.

And before I hear the ‘women don’t objectify men!’ bullshit, I know more than one woman who totally checks out men at the gym, myself included.

I also check out the women too, because I swing both ways and find everyone hot. Does that mean I should be barred from the women’s only gym for daring to settle my eyes on them?

See, what I don’t get is this: a men’s section of the gym would not mean the women’s section of the gym would be taken away. It wouldn’t affect you at all. So why are you being such an obnoxious little brat over it, suggesting I get locked away in a sauna until I collapse from severe dehydration?

Ohhhh. Right. Because someone wants you to share the toys. There’s more than enough for everyone to be treated equally, but god forbid someone gets the same rattle as you.

Grow up.

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We recently adopted a couple of kittens. This one, Starbuck, enjoys chewing on books

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Some of the best alpine/woodland military camo is developed by the Swiss, but most of the rest of the world refuse to use it because it has pink and red splotches on it, making it look “unmanly.”

Honestly if you’d prefer to risk it for the sake of looking “manly” then you deserve to get shot. 


"That couldn’t possibly work, Roman! Alpenflage is dumb and you’re dumb!”







This is fucking dumb as hell.

First off, those images don’t actually have anyone in them. You can zoom in and see for yourself. They’re low resolution images the OP took at a random forest. There are no other examples online. They circled something far enough away that you could never tell.

Lastly, that’s not how the pattern would work anyway. You’d still notice their silhouette, their helmet, and their gear unless it was some sort of ghillie suit (then it’s not even the same thing). That’s not to say the pattern doesn’t work but here’s the best example I could find.


If you notice, the pattern is designed for an autumn environment. It wouldn’t work elsewhere. That’s why other countries don’t use it. Not because it isn’t “masculine” or whatever bullshit Tumblr is trying to spin. That thing would be a bright bulls eye in Afghanistan.

Here’s an example of the camouflage we use (multicam):


Finally, other countries have in fact used splotches of red or shades of pink. The Nazis were the first to use one (it was called Leibermuster), which in turn became the foundation for the Swiss pattern shown above (Alpenflage/TAZ 83; you can tell by the name alone that it was designed with the Alps in mind, nowhere else). The Soviet Union and its successor states (Russia, Ukraine, etc.) have also used some really bizarre red camos.

At the end of the day, the Swiss changed the pattern to a more typical woodland green, brown, and black pattern in the ’90s (TAZ 90). So the whole argument is moot.

The only nation that services a red-coloured pattern is Oman and it’s stupid as fuck.

Yet another ‘controversy’ that tumblr has completely fabricated.

You fucking people.